Monday, October 15, 2012

Last day of KCWC!

So I have managed one project a night for four nights now, and something for each child. I am quite sleep deprived as a result but very happy with my efforts.

Mr F was delighted to find his new hat this morning and wore it to snuggle in bed with us!


Oliver + S Little Things to Sew bucket hat.  Size Large for 5 year old Mr F.

Groovy Guitars by Michael Miller fabrics and black gingham from The Fabric Store. Sew-in interfacing for the brim.


My first go at this and I did the no hand sewing way shown at A Little Gray.  I will continue to use this pattern this way- so easy and still a very professional look. The top stitching really makes the brim look great. I don't have any excuse for buying kid's hats now.



Worn to Kindy today!

KCWC has been great for me. I have learnt...

I am not that quick at sewing! No one hour dresses here! Each fairly simple, one night project this week  took around four hours for me, but that included cutting and sometimes preparing the pattern. I think I'm a slow edge-stitcher/top-stitcher, but it means I hardly ever have to unpick- so shouldn't that make me faster overall? Anyway, I did get stuff made.

To maximise my sewing speed I need to not have to change thread much, not do hand sewing (those hand-bound pockets!), reuse patterns that are already traced and cut and familiar to me, and avoid pinning wherever possible (kind of essential for the crown of a hat though). And not muck up my overlocker threading! I am also slowed by my set up time as I take out my machine and everything I need to the living room table and then put it all away at the end of the night. An organised, dedicated sewing space would so help!

Also, it is not that hard to blog regularly. My trick this week has been to do a draft on my iPhone while breastfeeding!

Thanks so much to Meg at Elsie Marley for hosting KCWC- I will be there sewing along next time!

Now for some sleep tonight...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Puppet show shorts (again)

Some basic shorts for Baby D, who is now five months old!

puppet show shorts front

Oliver + S puppet show shorts previously made here and here, in Size 18-24 months. As I have said before, the sizing of these is on the small side. Plus baby girl is on the big side, and usually wearing a cloth nappy.

Linen in a natural/putty kind of colour from The Fabric Store. It is lovely stuff. The back tag is twill tape from Typo.

I know this pattern well- this is my fifth pair. I usually have trouble getting through all the fabric layers at the pocket binding when attaching the pockets, but this time I couldn't even get through the previous step of sewing the binding onto the pockets. I kept breaking my thread despite changing around needles and presser feet. Maybe the fabric was too thick, maybe I need a denim needle, or more of a home decorator sewing machine? Don't know- I just moved on and sewed the binding on by hand. Weirdly, I had no trouble this time when attaching the pockets. Did flat-felled seams again, which I love.

puppet show shorts back

I'm so happy with the end result despite having to sew into the wee hours of today to get them done.

This is what they are like over a very bulky (old fashioned terry square) nappy.

puppet show shorts

puppet show shorts

She seems thrilled but I think it's more to do with getting a bit of attention from Mum than the shorts.  Our wonderful baby girl!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Popover sundress

Day two of four for my KCWC.  A dress for Miss S. She looks happy enough but wasn't keen to pose.

happy puzzle girl

Oliver + S popover sundress. Made before (twice!) in dolly version. S measured at Size 2 in the chest, but I did Size 3 with Size 4 length.

back detail

Same denim as yesterday's shorts, plus white piqué for the yoke (from Gardam's), red ricrac and the cutest purchased bias binding ever from No Chintz for the straps.

back view

This dress is never as quick as I think it is going to be! Again it is a simple pattern, with little finishes (that take most of the time) that make the dress really cute. I think it took four hours including cutting and some kiddie interruptions.

front view

prancing view

As you can see, S has a terrible time keeping still (unless she is doing a puzzle) but she is a great prancer!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Kids Clothes 4 day Challenge!

So I'm late to join the current Kids Clothes Week Challenge hosted by Elsie Marley. I really need to clear some stash- to the point that my husband told me I should be doing this every week! 4 days is probably more realistic though.

I started with these shorts last night for Little Boy B.

toddler denim shorts front

toddler denim shorts back

'Aqua' shorts from Ottobre (3/2008). Previously used for Mr F here. I retraced in Size 92 (F's were 98 and are pretty big on B), but should not have bothered as there is negligible difference.

Lightweight denim from Spotlight. Previously used back here.

Straightforward but the navy top stitching (and all the changing of thread) took a bit of time. I am copying shop bought clothes a bit more now- so no pressed apart seam allowances, and a little extra non decorative top stitching to hold them flat.

shorts back in action

shorts side

Little Boy B was previously seen here- what a great baby he was! And now he is two and a ragamuffin! Could not keep his shorts clean in the time it took me to pick up the camera.


Three days to go- aiming for one easy item each night while the kids sleep!