Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bunny girl

bunny girl face

This dolly is the last thing I needed to make, but of late I have been impulsively cutting out various projects in the middle of the night and then I have to make them.  I just get excited thinking if I cut it out it will be done soon!  I had ambitions of this being Miss S's Easter present (like she needs another doll, and how much do kids really need at Easter anyway?), but there was no way I could have actually made her in time.  So now complete, she is just hiding in my study awaiting a purpose- next Easter seems a long wait though!

bunny girl full

Pattern (with face panel) is Roxy Longsocks from The Red Thread, with my addition of bunny ears and tail.  Made entirely from stash materials in what seemed to be perfect Easter colours.  I was particularly glad to make use of the yellow floral -beautiful Italian pique left over from one of my favourite dresses made years ago, and this old blue floral again.

bunny girl tail

Like the other Red Thread stuff, a lovely, fairly simple project.  It took me a few nights though, mainly due to some hours of stuffing difficulties (those crazy ears did not help).

I am such a sucker for these cute dolly projects, particularly those with freckles, and have spent far too much time admiring this one!

bunny girl closeup

Friday, May 4, 2012



Since mastering my custard technique (and we got an ice cream maker) I have moved on to ice cream. And despite some other great flavours so far (vanilla, chocolate, burnt caramel, and a not so great coffee), I think I'm most thrilled with this, my first attempt at one of my favourite gelato flavours.

Recipe is Nigella's vanilla ice cream from How To Eat with a block of Lindt 70% melted and drizzled in in the final stages of churning- which gave the lovely chocolate shards I was hoping for! Yum!