Sunday, September 22, 2013

Click-clack therapy

Wow, this year has been my most complicated yet, and also my best knitting year. I think it's actually because I've been under more pressure, I knit more, like others might go to the gym or something. So I'm now four knitted items behind in my blogging.  Here are the best snaps I have managed of the first two.

Stella front

First, Stella for Baby D. 12 month size, in Patons Dreamtime 4ply I never used for her brother. Turns out the Wedgwood blue is lovely on a girl. Needed to use smaller needles on the neckline, and it's still wider than I would have liked, but cute, and it got worn a heap.

Stella back

First Milo

Next, a Milo for our little boy B.  22" size in Cleckheaton Perfect Day in the colourway that looks rather like a lamington.  Knitted quickly over 4 days, which was just as well, as he never wore it! I knew there was some risk of this, which is why I chose a quick project. B won't stand wool on his neck, but I was hoping a wide neck vest in really soft yarn might be okay. He was on to me though! At least it's big enough to try again next year (and we'll start with it over a skivvy).

Milo on

This was the least miserable picture of him in it! Oh dear.

More to come on my spring knitting projects...