Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Japanese Love from the Fair

It seems all can do at present is show you stuff I've bought. Mum, my sister and I (plus baby girl in tow) went to the Brisbane Craft and Quilt Fair on the weekend and all left with super cute supplies.

My favourites included the Japanese fabrics at Be Be Bold, where I picked up these beauties...

japanese fabric1

The top fabric is to be put away for a dress for baby when she's a little older- it's a beautiful soft textured cotton. And the Babushkas on plisse will (I hope) soon be summer PJs for her! Having a little girl has just been the greatest excuse to by all manner of things cute and girlie.  More to follow!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


baby dresses

I realise I have started this blog at a time when I'm meant to be working on something else- namely a rather large assignment related to my work (even though I'm actually on maternity leave, it seems I can never truly escape from my job).  So, there will be no new projects to show for at least a couple of weeks.

So, some stuff I have made recently- little shirred dresses for my little girl.  Hanging here they look like doll's clothes!  I had never done shirring before and found it so satisfying-each dress was made in a nap or two.  I just cut a rectangle 40 x 80 cm (just under two times her chest measurement in width) which worked out perfectly for my eight month old, with room to grow. Straps were cut out of the fabric remaining to the side, so you only need the length of the dress (plus an inch or so for hems).

The dress on the left is made of Heather Ross Mendocino fabric bought from here, leftover from a  quilt I made.  This fabric has the most beautiful texture, not really like quilting cotton but more like a nice fine dress poplin.   And the other dress is made from a cute cherry print Mum got at Spotlight I think, with some long hoarded broderie anglaise lace for trim.

I could just keep making these and avoid my slightly trickier projects!  Better still, I could return to working on my assignment.  Oh, to be free of the guilt!

Monday, October 12, 2009

The new Lincraft!


We were so excited about Lincraft opening at Toombul today, Mum and I headed out with the kids to check it out.

We weren't alone in our excitement, judging by the crowd at the pattern books (all patterns are half price)  and long queues.  Between the two of us we managed to placate the kids enough to have a good look-  it helped that McDonalds is right opposite the store!

It's so good to have a suburban Lincraft nearby as I am often disappointed at Spotlight- inadequate restocking (most visits there is some basic item on my list that they just don't have) and awful crowds.  I think the fading Toombul might be revived now, although I hope Lincraft in the city doesn't suffer- it's the only fabric store in Brisbane city now.

As for the stock, I'm not sure if the fabric selection is as extensive as the city, and the yarns are mostly Lincraft brand (which Mum tells me is quite good though) so Spotlight will still be seeing me.  And I've accepted I just have to go to Indooroopilly (Sckafs and Gardams) for really good dressmaking fabrics these days.

Now, what I got...

above fabrics for baby girl clothes, patterns (little girl's dress, skirt for me) and thread for my new overlocker.  So I was pretty restrained,  although then spent more on kid's stuff on sale at DJs.

Next entry I have to show you something I've actually made...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Well hello there.


So this is my blog.

After getting so much joy from other people's blogs I figured why not?  I stumbled across the wonderful world of craft blogs while looking for tips and inspiration for my projects and have felt a little guilty lurking and not giving anything back.  Maybe someone will want to see my stuff?

So, I plan to log my work here and that, in theory, should provide plenty of posts.  I hope to be showing you lots of sewing for me and my kids (maybe even some clothes for some long naked dolls), some patchwork, quilting, embroidery, knitting (only in the cooler months here in Brisbane) and (maybe if I write it it means it will come true) crochet when I learn it.  And of course stuff I find inspiring.  And maybe some biscuit baking, which I also love.

I don't even have a camera at the moment as my husband has taken it away for the weekend, so for this post I have scanned an old pattern of my Mum's. I have no intention of making this up anytime soon but I do adore it so- especially that collar!

Welcome and hope you enjoy!