Wednesday, October 21, 2009


baby dresses

I realise I have started this blog at a time when I'm meant to be working on something else- namely a rather large assignment related to my work (even though I'm actually on maternity leave, it seems I can never truly escape from my job).  So, there will be no new projects to show for at least a couple of weeks.

So, some stuff I have made recently- little shirred dresses for my little girl.  Hanging here they look like doll's clothes!  I had never done shirring before and found it so satisfying-each dress was made in a nap or two.  I just cut a rectangle 40 x 80 cm (just under two times her chest measurement in width) which worked out perfectly for my eight month old, with room to grow. Straps were cut out of the fabric remaining to the side, so you only need the length of the dress (plus an inch or so for hems).

The dress on the left is made of Heather Ross Mendocino fabric bought from here, leftover from a  quilt I made.  This fabric has the most beautiful texture, not really like quilting cotton but more like a nice fine dress poplin.   And the other dress is made from a cute cherry print Mum got at Spotlight I think, with some long hoarded broderie anglaise lace for trim.

I could just keep making these and avoid my slightly trickier projects!  Better still, I could return to working on my assignment.  Oh, to be free of the guilt!

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