Monday, October 12, 2009

The new Lincraft!


We were so excited about Lincraft opening at Toombul today, Mum and I headed out with the kids to check it out.

We weren't alone in our excitement, judging by the crowd at the pattern books (all patterns are half price)  and long queues.  Between the two of us we managed to placate the kids enough to have a good look-  it helped that McDonalds is right opposite the store!

It's so good to have a suburban Lincraft nearby as I am often disappointed at Spotlight- inadequate restocking (most visits there is some basic item on my list that they just don't have) and awful crowds.  I think the fading Toombul might be revived now, although I hope Lincraft in the city doesn't suffer- it's the only fabric store in Brisbane city now.

As for the stock, I'm not sure if the fabric selection is as extensive as the city, and the yarns are mostly Lincraft brand (which Mum tells me is quite good though) so Spotlight will still be seeing me.  And I've accepted I just have to go to Indooroopilly (Sckafs and Gardams) for really good dressmaking fabrics these days.

Now, what I got...

above fabrics for baby girl clothes, patterns (little girl's dress, skirt for me) and thread for my new overlocker.  So I was pretty restrained,  although then spent more on kid's stuff on sale at DJs.

Next entry I have to show you something I've actually made...


  1. Hi. Yes I took my mother to lincraft toombul
    in the (vain) hope of seeing something exciting.
    But, alas, we were both very disappointed.
    Not a patch on sckafs and a million miles away
    from quality and range of gardams.
    I avoided the rush and went on 6 November. The
    store was understaffed. Boxes of stock still unopened
    on floors. No one to help with scrapbooking knowledge.
    In fact the pleasant girl on the checkout had
    no idea about the albums. But when she scanned the
    item and it came up at a price higher than the
    ticketed label, she did only charge me the lower price
    so good customer service at pos.
    I probably will stick to spotlight or specialty stores
    such as inkcredible-ashgrove and a creative place- mitchelton.

  2. Went again yesterday and wasn't dazzled either; the fabric stock looked a bit depleted since the opening day! Just have to make the way less kid-friendly trip to Gardams soon!