Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baby bottoms!

I have actually been making things lately (despite the lack of evidence here).  My recent favourites have been shorts for my nearly nine month old little girl.  They are super quick to make, and as they require such small amounts of fabric I've had the satisfaction of using up some very old stuff.

Pooh baby shorts

This Winnie the Pooh print is from when I was a toddler in the 70s!  I think I had a reversible pinafore out of this- pretty loud, yes?  It's a great kind of lightweight cotton canvas, and I used lightweight denim for the trim.  The pattern is the Oliver + S 'puppet show' shorts, minus the pockets.  I must admit to being a bit anti licensed prints on kids' clothes, but somehow I'm okay with it when it's old fabric with a story.  I also think the quality and designs are so much nicer than the modern day equivalent.

Another pair of shorts from the same pattern...

stripe baby shorts

This shows the pattern better, although I'm sorry the shorts look a bit wrinkled (after a trip to the park).  Fabric is a red and white striped cotton twill - which could even be older than the Pooh fabric- from my Grandma's stash.

This is my third project with this pattern.  I love the cute pockets and it is really easy.  The Oliver + S patterns must be the best I have encountered for describing exactly what to do- no prior sewing knowledge assumed.

Some (minor) challenges...

These shorts are a small make- my girl is a smallish 9 month old and I've made the 18-24 months size which is just a little big on her.  The first time I used the pattern I made denim shorts in the 6-12 month size (when she measured at 3 month size) and they were outgrown really quickly.  Even made a bit big there's no way she could wear a cloth nappy under them.

It's hard for my machine to get through all the layers of fabric when sewing through the binding on the pockets, so I can't get my topstitching perfect - I think there are 10 layers of fabric at some points!

Finally, there are meant to be gathers at the sides of the legs, but I find my binding strip (cut on the bias) for the legs always ends up too long.  So, when I adjust the gathers to fit the binding they are barely detectable (see on the Pooh shorts).  With this pair, I just gathered a lot tighter, to the point I thought looked best, then cut the binding to fit- I lopped off about 1.5 inches.  And now this pair really do look like the picture on the pattern!

Edit 27/11/2009: I have since checked out the Oliver + S website a bit more thoroughly and found that they have acknowledged the binding length problem in their errata- and it is 1.5 inches too long.  They have errata up for a few patterns, so it is worth checking out the site before sewing.  They also have forums where you can pose questions- nice service!   

These frilly shorts are from Ottobre magazine 3/2008...

ruffle shorts frontfront...

ruffle shorts back...and ruffly back!

Now these are really puffy, and baby hasn't worn them out yet as she looks a bit like a clown in them.  That said, I am really happy with how they turned out.  Made in one night, really easy, although the Ottobre pattern instructions are minimal.  I just end up interpreting the pattern in the way that's easiest for me.  I did a regular elastic casing at the top, not stitched down elastic as in the instructions.  (Having recently replaced lots of elastic in old baby bloomers, I see the benefit of it being easily removed.)  Made in size 74 which is definitely a size too big, but sure to look perfect later in the summer.  And plenty of room for a cloth nappy.  Fabric from Lincraft, and spotty grosgrain ribbon from my stash of gift wrapping stuff (it is washable).

Next, I must make something for my little boy!

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  1. love those striped shorts!! i made those ruffles pants too. they are just so cute! :) clever way of reusing ribbon! i didnt follow the elastic instructions either. too tough n like u said, makes it easier to replace next time. ;)