Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back in the loop, and more Oliver + S things.

Work this week was actually really good.  I was quickly reminded of some of the things I really like about my job, and I seemed to cope okay after a whole year off.  Nowhere near as hard as when I returned after my first maternity leave, which was a much shorter period.  And the kids are doing great, probably because they are at home with Dad, who is keeping them busy with lots of adventures.

I have done virtually nothing outside of work (lovely husband has really taken care of all the household stress) and have been quite exhausted this weekend, but I have finally got some pictures of little girl clothes I made a while ago.

swingset dress front

This dress is actually the Oliver + S swingset tunic lengthened.  The fabric was scraps from Mum, previously used for a dress in the 70s.  It's an Australian crepe cotton (kind of like wool crepe suiting in texture) which I had never seen anything like.  Just gorgeous.  It frayed terribly though!

Back view:

swingset dress back

In action, front:

swingset dress (front) in action

And back:

swingset dress (back) in action

Again, very happy with the pattern and sure to use it again.  I made the 6-12 month size, which was perfect for Strawberry- true to the measurements given.  I did french seams, which I would not repeat with this style as it ends up a bit bulky under the arms where the facing is.  This dress is really not my best sewing- done in a hurry late at night, but still the design holds up well.

puppet show shorts

Finally, yet another set of puppet show shorts.  In lightweight denim from Spotlight.  I had been putting off trying flat felled seams, then a lack of the right colour overlocker thread forced me!  I just copied the seams on some old baby bloomers and they turned out great.  The trickiest part was staggering the seam allowance down the centre (3/8" on one side and 5/8" on the other, then vice versa when topstitching), so the seam ends up perfectly in the middle.  Not tricky now I know what to do, and probably less time consuming than getting out my overlocker (let alone getting new thread).  And the inside of the shorts is completely smooth- great for a baby.

puppet show shorts in action

My favourite little chubby legs!

Now I'm off for my last little bit of kiddy time before the working week starts again...

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  1. Just love these patterns! I made the tunic into a dress for my four year old daughter too, and the fit is just great. Your daughter looks so sweet!