Thursday, January 7, 2010

This year...


My first post of 2010!  A few months ago I actually had no intention of having a blog at this time, then started it on a whim when my husband was off running the Melbourne marathon.  And it has been great.  I am clearly not the most active blogger, nor much at marketing my blog, but this is motivating me to keep being creative.  Which will be all the more important this year, as I go back to full time work at my rather serious job on Monday.  I'm half dreading it, half looking forward to getting back in the loop.

So although I'm not into New Years' resolutions, I have been thinking about how I'll keep my creative self sustained.  I'm hoping I can keep up at least weekly posting, though I doubt I will be quite as productive with my crafts.   One of the best decisions I made in 2009 was to try to keep to high-yield projects, so I get more of the satisfaction of completion.  This meant abandoning some projects on which I had already spent too much time, and making simpler things.  And letting go of the need for my work to be perfect.  I am definitely keeping up this attitude.  I will have to if I want to get anything done in between weekday work, after hours rosters, expressing milk and actually spending time with my family!

I am hoping to do some (very basic) art this year, like my calendar drawing above. Just stuff I can do very quickly to get back into it, after too long a break from doing any art regularly.  I'm not sure I am even quite the artist I was in high school when I dropped my favourite subject of Senior Art for Physics (yes, everyone else thought it a strange move too), but I would love to get back into the habit of drawing.  And I figure this will often be an easier creative thing for me to do than get out my sewing machine/s at the end of a busy day.  Again I am planning to avoid fussing and trying to make my work perfect (which should differentiate me from my high school self) and just get lots of little things done.  Sounds good in theory- we'll see what comes!

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  1. goodluck with your new years creative resolutions!