Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Last summer's dresses- Part 2 (or the Three-way dress)

A couple of Three-way dresses from Ottobre 3/2009.  Cute, summery, easy pattern.  Made the 92cm (smallest) size for Miss S who was nearly 3 at the time.

Pink seersucker dress

This one was out of lovely Japanese seersucker from Be Be Bold- got it out of half a metre (helps that S is quite small), but alas, not enough for sleeves.

Elephant dress

This one is in a cute elephant patchwork print poplin and Spotlight Spots and Stripes, with the frill sleeves.  I think of this as the Vicky Cristina Barcelona dress, as that was what I was watching on SBS when I made it (love that movie).  

And here is Miss S in it on her 3rd birthday, our wonderful big girl.  

in Elephant dress

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  1. They are both so lovely and I love the gingham touch.

    Happy birthday to little miss S - perfect.

    Nina x