Monday, August 6, 2012

Recycled cashmere bunny

bunny front

Finally I make something out of the considerable stash of old jumpers I have been saving.  I love the idea of making stuff out of old and otherwise unusable stuff, but I can't say my craft habit really means much for the environment- often it just means I hold onto stuff I may never use.  Anyway, this was an easy gift for my cousin's baby.  It ended up wonderfully soft and charmingly imperfect, I think!

Pattern from Martha here.

I used my Mum's favourite cashmere cardy that got eaten- machine washed and dried to be extra fluffy.
Plus a scrap of old Liberty for the inner ears.

bunny face

Did a Dick Bruna inspired face, and had to add a tail.

bunny back

Can I now get through my old jumper stash by making one of these for every baby that comes along?

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  1. This little guy is adorable! He looks so cuddly for a new baby. I love the fabric you chose for the ears, too. :)