Sunday, July 21, 2013

KCW Day 6! Already!

So I have struggled this week due to a whole range of reasons, but at least finished something early this morning.

Lucy dress

Another dress for S.

Lucy Dress from Be Be Bold. Bought it at a craft fair years ago and now am making up the biggest size which is a 4. A very cute pattern, with straightforward instructions. I especially love the pleated sleeves.

Lucy dress, sleeve

Japanese cottons also from Be Be Bold. Wooden buttons from Spotlight.

Lucy dress on

Cut it out and did a little sewing on Monday. Then a few hours late Saturday night/ Sunday morning. No dramas, perhaps as parts are similar to some Oliver + S things I have made.

Lucy dress in action

Of course S loves it. It has already been for a pony ride and some pretty spectacular climbing at the park!

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