Thursday, July 11, 2013

Knitting, knitting, knitting...

...has been consuming me of late.  I can't believe I didn't get into seamless knitting earlier.  Things are getting finished and worn.  I now can do magic loop, spit joins (I know, gross, but actually very good), long tail cast on, backwards loop cast on, single crochet bind off, decrease bind off and am learning to knit continental style.  Most of these terms, let alone how to do them, were foreign to me, like, two months ago.  And I have used mostly stash yarn.

Finished on the weekend:

gold granny's favourite

A sunflower yellow Granny's Favourite for S.  Yarn from a failed blanket project, which left me with several seemingly unusable colours of Cleckheaton Country.  I never thought I would use this yarn by itself in a garment, but S liked it and I was keen to start something.  And it's actually really cute on her.

granny's favourite buttons

Sunflower buttons from my Mum.

granny's favourite modelled

Had enough for a full length body and middie length sleeves (5 year old length).  Great pattern again from Tikki.  I sized up a bit (23" rather than 22"chest ) so it can be worn next year

And here is my first person-sized seamless knit, a Kina which followed the doll version.  Again in leftover Cleckheaton Country.  I didn't blog this ages ago when I made it.  It is not my best, as the edges are a bit lumpy at the bottom, due to me using lots of short lengths and joining at the edges (in my pre-spit join days).  But it is fine for kindy.

blue kina

Two more knits to catch up on, oh, and I am intending to do Kids Clothes Week again next week!

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