Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One year old

girlie number 1 cake

We had our little party for Strawberry's first birthday on the weekend, which was great.  Lots of girlie looking treats, flowers and paper dolls on the walls, and more little kids than we have ever had before at a party!  Most of whom loved running wild in the backyard.

The cake was inspired by the classic Australian Women's Weekly one, but decorated in a girlie way.  I had to use musk sticks as I just love them and wanted an excuse to eat them!  Just the classic butter cake with buttercream icing (Women's Weekly recipes of course).  I think it's really worth making the cake from scratch rather than a packet mix- it just tastes much better and is still easy.

Can't believe our little girl is one- she still looks like a baby to me- yet she thinks she's a grown-up and says 'bye-bye baby' to older kids!

birthday girl

And no, I didn't end up making her dress- too much deliberating over fabric and pattern choices and too little time in the end.  So thank you Esprit DFO for a lovely party frock for our little doll.  And thank you to the birthday girl herself- what a joy you are for us!

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