Sunday, February 14, 2010

Well loved

Valentine's breakfast

Happy Valentine's Day!

My lovely husband gave me a waffle iron (no, he doesn't usually get me kitchen appliances but he knew I wanted one) and so we all enjoyed heart-shaped waffles for breakfast.  I'm yet to perfect the recipe and technique but still pretty good stuff!

I have spent some of today going through my old toys (pretty much dolls) to see if there is anything suitable for Strawberry.  Several of the most special ones are now spotty with rust.  I'm torn between whether to keep them or not.   Especially as I've kept them this long!

rusty Hannah

Hannah here is the only example left of a doll I made as a child.  I was given this book from Mum when I was in primary school, and loved it.  It was about a little girl making dolls and quilts in the 1800s on the Kansas prairie.  I also did a doll quilt kit from the same range (still have another one not yet made up) and a Christmas cross-stitch.  All very much in keeping with the whole country look popular at the time - I remember tea-dyeing stuff!  So maybe the rusty look would be considered okay?

This is the remainder of her little wardrobe.  The doll and clothes were all hand sewn- pretty apparent if you look close enough.  I love the drawstring on the pantaloons, just the sewing thread!

Hannah's clothes

Last of all are these- Strawberry Shortcake and her cat made from a panel by Mum, a pegasus toy given to me at birth and two Holly Hobbies.  All rusty!  Maybe this will be the last evidence I have of them or maybe I won't be able to let go.  I am tempted to cut up Holly on the left's non-rusty dress for that great 70s patchwork print! 

old toys

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