Sunday, February 7, 2010

Plodding, and party plans!

paper doll birthday invites

This week I am still feeling a little off and so really am just plodding along, struggling to do anything much outside of work, and feeling like I am falling behind with basic things I have to do- like dropping off dry-cleaning and mending.  That said, my husband has been great, the kids remain charming, and I should be feeling a bit brighter soon!

We have hit our run of February birthdays, which will now include Strawberry turning 1!  So I have been starting to plan her little party.  These invitations by Suzy Ultman I picked up a while back at the GOMA shop, not sure if they'd be used anytime soon, but it turns out Strawberry loves dolls already, so they seemed appropriate.  I doubt anyone loves them as much as I do though!   Such a cute design with gorgeous envelopes and stickers.  Now to plan a cake and party dress!

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