Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KCW, Day 1


Stayed up late to get this top done in one night.

Oliver + S Class Picnic Blouse, Size 4 for 4 year old Miss S.

Liberty Jubilee paisley. This is old stuff. I don't think they make Jubilee anymore; it's a cotton/wool blend (mostly cotton). I made a skirt out of this in the mid '90s, but the fabric may be much older as it came from my Mum's stash back then. Got the Size 4 out of my remaining 95cm of 90cm wide fabric. Very soft fabric that frays easily and is a bit jumpy.

Paisley top back

First use of this pattern, usual reliable Oliver + S instructions, cute result. Again I struggled with going over multiple thicknesses with my machine so the elastic ends were sewn in by hand. Sleeve hems were a little fiddly as too small to go around my machine's free arm.

Paisley top on

So cute on. Slightly big on S who is really a Size 3.

Yay! This fabric owes me nothing now.

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