Monday, April 29, 2013

KCW Day 7/Something I prepared earlier

So on the final night of Kids Clothes Week, I didn't sew anything.  I did spend some time (hours?) laying out fabric and patterns, but was crippled by indecision, and fatigue perhaps.

But I have this top which was made late last year I think, that never got blogged.  And it fits my Liberty theme.

Liberty/HK swingset tunic

Oliver + S Swingset tunic, Size 3 for Miss S.  My second time with this pattern; I made a dress version when S was a baby, which has recently been worn lots by her little sister.

Liberty/HK swingset tunic

Liberty Hello Kitty Strawberry Fields.  It took only 50cm of 115cm wide fabric, plus some plain lawn from Spotlight for bodice lining.

Liberty/HK swingset tunic back

Again, easy as I'd done it all before, and it's an Oliver + S pattern.

climbing in swingset tunic

S loves it, although wishes it were a dress. It does make for easy climbing, though.  

So glad to have done KCW again.  It definitely helps me to get stuff done, and to blog.  I will be at it again next time, in a just a few months (now it's four times a year!).  Thank you Meg from elsie marley and everyone else involved.

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  1. very pretty! I love all your hello kitty liberty fabric.